My name is Madeleine Polemeni. Thank you for visiting my website, “Mad for Business.”

I have a husband, four children, four cats and a dog. This fascinates me all the time since I was sure growing up that I did not want children and I certainly did not want pets. It’s funny how life works. I now realize that much of who I am revolves around the love I have for everyone who shares our home.

There is a piece of myself that I finally decided to save for me! Some call it a career change or a second act. I simply call it EXCITING.

If you are interested in learning how to switch your family’s health and beauty products to ones that are vegan and chemical-free with Arbonne International, or how to save on your energy bill with Ambit Energy or simply to read my blog……..WELCOME!

I love feedback and I will always answer you. Send me a message to mad@madforbusiness.com