December 26th


I remember when the day after Christmas was the saddest day of the year for me.   The lights on the houses seemed dimmer on December 26th and the gray of winter seemed a little more noticeable.  Now December 26th represents the day when the pressure of making Christmas happen for our four kids and a large, extended family is over. The difference?   The weeks leading up to Christmas were magical back then and now, well, they just seem to be some sort of mad marathon of preparation.

This year I want to recreate the magic of past holiday seasons.     Instead of buying all of my gifts online, I will actually go to the mall (but maybe just twice) and take in the sounds of the carols playing in every store and the smiles from passersby who just found the perfect gift for someone on their list.    I will bake with the kids, or at the least, watch whilst our 15 year old creates baking wonders.   I will listen to the joy in the voices of our 9 and 11 year old sons as they count down the days on their chocolate Advent calendars.   I will absolutely revel in our 17 year’s old joy when that last college application is sent in mid-December.   I will then make the time to cry when I remember that this will be the last Christmas before I have to share her with the world.

So my hope for all of you is that this year’s holiday season be filled with the laughter of your families and an awareness of the bright lights all around you, both outside and in your hearts.  As for me, I am looking forward to December 26th, and that little bit of melancholy signaling the end to a season well spent.

Coming in the New Year:  Musings on being the best you for 2011!


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